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Enabling Digital Twins

The Future with Sigmafine

Sigmafine has successfully addressed many business and operational mandates over the last twenty-five years. These have largely been implemented in an offline mode, but many have been accomplished in a near real-time mode, running every ten minutes using automated inputs. But the trend to apply AI/ ML to operations planning and real-time monitoring, control, and optimization is heralding a golden era for data quality management and conditioning, bringing Sigmafine into the fore again. Sigmafine can be further extended to support the need for improved accuracy of real-time data streams used as inputs to real-time process optimization components. This presentation reviews the past, present, and future of Sigmafine applied to the future of process digital twins.

2022 Sigmafine Virtual Summit

October 19, 2022

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Greg Dearwater

Greg Dearwater
Business Development Executive
Omicron Development LLC

Speaker Bio

Greg is responsible for ensuring Omicron Development LLC, a Pimsoft Group company, continues to grow through broader adoption of the group's software and services throughout the process industries.

He has diverse experience working within operating, software, automation, and services companies as a process engineer, sales, and business development in the paper, petrochemical, refining, fertilizer, mining, and specialty chemical industries.

Dearwater holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Cincinnati in chemical engineering.

Omicron Development

Omicron Development LLC

Omicron Development LLC is a privately held company, part of the Pimsoft Group and a registered  System Integrator of the OSIsoft Partner Ecosphere , now part of Aveva.  The activities of the company span all the aspects of implementing, maintaining, integrating, supporting, and using the OSIsoft PI System.


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