Pimsoft is an OSIsoft partner since 1996 when it became the Italian distributor of the PI System. Today, Pimsoft is recognized as a Premier partner in the OSIsoft Partner Ecosystem and continues to design, build, deliver, and support solutions and applications based on the OSIsoft PI Technologies, including Sigmafine, a solution based on AF acquired from OSIsoft in 2010.



Following the acquisition of OSIsoft by Aveva, the Pimsoft group joined the Aveva Partner Program and is currently recognized as a Certified System Integrator for the PI System.  We are proud to undertake this journey and bring our 25+ years of PI experience to the Aveva customers.


Dimension software is the maker of Asset Intellect and Alarm Sentinel, which are layered AF applications designed to manage OT data content and aggregate alarms and events from different systems in a common framework. The Pimsoft Group is a reseller of these products and leverages these solutions as the framework for of a wide range of applications and solutions for the process industries.


Sigmafine is a model-driven advanced analytics software solution that validates and reconciles data as well as streamlines and automates the process of generating usable datasets for people, business processes, and other applications and systems.  Sigmafine combines knowledge, engineering principles, and statistics to maximize the quantity, value, and quality of information extracted from disparate data sources and sensor-based data across the process industries.  The purpose of Sigmafine is to Transform Data into Digital Assets.

The Sigmafine technology is a proprietary technology of the Pimsoft Group distributed by Pimsoft Inc, the US based entity of the Pimsoft Group located in Houston, TX.


Omicron Developmetn LLC is a wholly owned entity of the Pimsoft Group based in Houston, TX in the United States. Acquired in 2018, Omicron is the division of the Pimsoft Group specialized in technical services, support, consulting, and application development involving the OSIsoft PI System.

Omicron is our go-to partner for any Gapware® involving third party systems and the PI System. Omicron is also a registered System Integration OSIsoft Partner Ecosphere program and member of the Microsoft Partner Network.



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