Process Innovations joins the Sigmafine Partner Program


Pimsoft is pleased to announce that Process Innovations, has joined the Sigmafine Partner Program as an implementation and business partner. As an established OSIsoft Ecosphere member for more than 20 years and a leading provider of consulting services and software plugins for advanced PI System data analytics, visualization, and integration, Process Innovations shares Pimsoft’s belief that good data management practices in the process industries are essential to acquire deeper insights and provide customers with the power to redirect operations to achieve their goals and objectives. A recognized expert in the power & utilities industries, Process Innovation is very well positioned to create synergies between its visualization modules and reconciled data from Sigmafine to deliver enhanced digital twin capabilities to its customers.


About Process Innovations

Process Innovations is a leading provider of consulting services and software for advanced data analytics, visualization, and integration for the OSIsoft PI System. More than 120 energy companies, water treatment plants, manufacturers, and other industrial facilities rely on our experts and software to optimize analytics from their IoT and other monitoring systems. We provide automated reporting, PI system data distribution, asset-based reliability tracking, and condition-based maintenance information with our expertly developed processes, PI plugins, and software tools.


About Pimsoft

Pimsoft is the owner & developer of Sigmafine®. Established in 1994, Pimsoft brings innovative software solutions and engineering skills to industries where data quality and usability are mission-critical in shaping information for actionable insights.  With its Italian offices in Turin, Milan, and Houston, Texas, in the United States, Pimsoft maintains the largest contingent of highly skilled and experienced IT and Engineering professionals in this application domain.


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